Text originally published in portuguese.

Air curtain is a type of conditioner that has the function of separating the ambient temperature outside the temperature inside.
Designed especially for areas of trade, is mounted on the door (with heights up to 8 feet), creating a wind barrier that ensures thermal insulation, allowing the doors stay open, keeping the internal temperature. It also prevents the entry of dust, smoke, insects and other particles.

These air curtains can reduce significantly the amount of heat and moisture entering the enclosure. Thus increasing the shelf life of refrigeration equipment (such as air conditioning and cold rooms) saves of up to 35%.

You can also separate public places for smokers and nonsmokers, with this device, such as hotel lobbies and airport lounges.

Some common applications of air curtains are in public places like bars, restaurants, supermarkets, shops, workshops, hairdressers, cinemas, theaters, exhibitions, clinics, outpatient clinics, schools, churches, banks, gyms, locker rooms, gymnasiums, swimming pools. In industry, the entry of cold rooms, greenhouses, among others.

These devices are adaptable to any size range, with a range of 1.30 m and 1.75 m wide by up to 3m tall.

Most of the brands your warranty is 1 year.