Text originally published in portuguese.

The use of air conditioning Multi Split have a modern system, with filters and functions similar to traditional models Split Hi Wall, but you can have two or more evaporators with only one condenser.

It is ideal for anyone who needs cool more than one place and has little space for installation of external condenser unit.
It can also be used one or more of these devices in a single place, varying according to need and the requirements of each site.

The biggest advantage of this model is that all parties are independent, ie, you choose how many evaporators wish to call.

Models that are easily available in the Brazilian market are:
Multi Split Air conditioner – 18,000 btus Split Bi (2 × 9000)
Multi Split Air conditioner – 24,000 btus Split Bi (2 x 12000)
Multi Split Air conditioner – 36,000 btus Tri Split (3 x 12000)
Multi Split Air Conditioning – Split Quadri 28,000 (4 x 7000)

These are some models, but the power can vary from 18,000 Btus to 50,000 Btus divided into 2, 3 or 4 internal parts, depending on the product’s manufacturer.

Some photos:

Multi Split Air Conditioning – Bi Split :

Multi Split Air Conditioning – Tri Split: