Text originally published in portuguese.

Air Conditioning Split floor ceiling is a model that brings the ability to be installed on the floor or ceiling and has a strong performance for refrigeration.

The cooling capacity of air conditioned floor ceiling can range from 18,000 BTU to 80,000 BTU. However, the models are the most popular capacity of 30,000 to 60,000 btus.

Its main feature is the good use of space and allows the installation to be versatile, ie installed in positions: On the floor (also called a console), wall and ceiling. Freeing more space for traffic of people or objects.

The installation of the floor ceiling is indicated for the following locations:
The split air conditioner floor ceiling is ideal for medium and large environments, residential or commercial. Environments that have a lot of traffic, crowded places and environments on the right foot too high, since their air flow is greater than the traditional split hi wall.

– Shops
– Restaurants
– Churches
– Residential Environments
– Etc.

Other features of the floor ceiling split air conditioner:
Note: Not all models have the features listed below. Consult the manufacturer or seller.

– Control with or without wire;
– They use horizontal or vertical condenser;
– Cycle only cold or hot and cold cycle;
– Can have up to four choices of thermal comfort, refrigeration, ventilation, dehumidification (dry basis) and heating;
– Renewal of the Air;
– Temperature control;
– Low noise level;
– Rapid cooling